Hongkong Science and Technology Publishing Group (HSTPG) is a forward-thinking publishing entity with a strong commitment to excellence in academic dissemination. HSTPG is dedicated to being at the forefront of global scholarly communication, operating as an independent, multidisciplinary publishing powerhouse.

HSTPG collaborates with a diverse community of scientists, authors, and peer reviewers from every corner of the globe to curate an array of publications that deliver impactful and transformative research. Our scope of publication spans a wide array of disciplines including materials science, chemistry, environmental studies, biological sciences, medical research, engineering, computer technology, information technology, social sciences, and more.

We are proud to offer unparalleled editorial services to our authors, reviewers, and readers, ensuring that your journey with us, from submission to publication, is nothing short of exceptional.

With a presence that transcends geographical boundaries, HSTPG has established offices in key locations including Hong Kong, Hainan, and Wuhan, positioning us to serve the academic community with a blend of local insight and global outreach.